100% cotton starched.

We have two lengths, 7” and 8” supplied with strings or with a cotton/elastic combination neck strap in either length.

Preaching bands cost $22.00 plus shipping.

1 Preaching Band $22.00
2 Preaching Bands $44.</<00
3 Preaching Bands $66.00

If you need further asistance please contact us directly trevor@trevorfloyd.com

Please Note: Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico - Please add an additional $15.00 to current shipping charges. International and Express Shipping Charges are based on size, weight and destination. Please call, fax or e-mail trevor@trevorfloyd.com for details.
Color Style Size Price
White Cotton/string 7" with strings $22.00
White Cotton/string 8" with strings $22.00
White Cotton/elastic 7" elastic combination $22.00
White Cotton/elastic 8" elastic combination $22.00