Stained Glass

Trevor Floyd & Company collaborates with many different artisans and studios from the U.S. and Europe, so that we may assist you, our customer, and offer choices, quality, and resources not available through one single specialty source.

Our glass is English, European, and American manufactured glass of very high quality.

We have experienced installers from around the country who are ready and able to professionally install your finished windows or offer our services in storm protection, repair, and renovation of new and existing windows.

We offer Old World custom craftsmanship by the utilization of established and very experienced professionals in the stained glass field around the USA and in England; this way we offer you, our customers, the best of the best!

We cannot overemphasize the importance of working with professionals who are committed to the client’s satisfaction and offer quality, coupled with exquisite designs that inspire.

Services include:

  • New Commissions
  • Repair Work
  • Renovation
  • Storm Protection
  • and Consultation

We look forward to working with and assisting you. Please contact us with any interests, projects, or questions you may have.