Processional Banners

Banner Pole, Cross Rod and Floor Stand sets are available

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Processional Banners are linked to heraldry. Throughout history, processional banners have been used to rally the faithful.

Within the church, Processional Banners are a predominant feature used as a symbol of the church and generally carried in procession, when not placed within the worship space. Banners are produced in varying shapes and sizes.

Custom design is a forte of our company. We would be happy to design a graceful, elegant, and dignified banner that will add beauty and color to enhance your worship space. A standard banner is considered to be 33” by 50” however, you will see in the examples here that there is a wide selection of shapes, designs, and fabrics that one can use.

In order for us to design a banner for you, we would require interactive communication between the church and Trevor Floyd & Company.

We would also request any digital file, of any pre-existing designs or symbols that you would want to be included in the banner.

Alternatively, we can design a concept for your banner based on our extensive knowledge and experience. We have the ability to design and manufacture traditional as well as contemporary banners.